Starting a small business is a bold step to take. The competition is stern, the risk is colossal and you are not guaranteed to make a profit. One of the key ingredients of a successful small business is quality marketing. In order to draw in customers and investors who are going to help you make a profit, you need to present yourself effectively. Here are a few tips on how to do so!

1.) Free Give-aways

An excellent way to turn people into regular customers is by giving away free things. You should want your company name to be recognized and regularly heard of. You should also want your brand name to be associated with positive connotations. By handing out items that are related to your business, you are making a gesture of good faith to your potential customers.

Additionally, people can get a taste of what your business has to offer. If they like your free samples, they will come back for more as you are giving people incentive to opt for your company over everyone else. Just make sure that the items you are giving away are representative of your best qualities in order to lure people in.

2.) Networking Opportunities

One cannot succeed in the world of entrepreneurship alone; they need to make connections. Friends in high places, partners, associates, clients, sponsors – you get the gist. Knowing the right people can make or break your company. Instead of worrying whether a corporate hyena will devour your business, befriend the hyena and hunt together.

In less abstract terms: attend networking events. Keep an eye out for fundraisers, meetings, gatherings, and the like. No one will ever approach you unless you put yourself out there. Your success can rise exponentially if you strike the right deals with the right people.

3.) Become a Sponsor

The most important element of marketing is visibility. You will earn no money if nobody knows who you are. Sponsorships are an ingenious way of making people become familiar with your brand name. A fun aspect of sponsorships is that you can choose a wide range of vastly different things to sponsor. You can base your decision on how you want your company to be perceived by investors and customers.

You can also be cunning: if you are selling refreshing drinks, sponsor a sports event whose fans will undoubtedly need to replenish their energy after physical exertion. If you are trying to market beauty products, sponsor a fashion event. Concoct a comprehensive plan to reach your target audience.

4.) Create Social Media Accounts

Throw your old “Marketing 101” books in the trash – it’s the 21st Century. The advent of the Internet has forever changed the way in which companies approach marketing. But more on that in the next section; this section specifically highlights the utmost importance of social media accounts when trying to relay information to customers. Social media allows you to actively engage with your followers in real-time.

You can create profiles that detail everything about your company and your news feed can instantly release the latest happenings of your business.

Variety is essential. Do not stop at just a Facebook account; expand your brand to LinkedIn,Bclique,Twitter, and even Instagram to capture the attention of millennials.

5.) Engage in Online Marketing

Online marketing is an umbrella term for any sort of marketing done online. Coincidentally, most marketing is done on-line in this day and age. Having someone who is proficient in digital marketing in your company should be a top priority.

An interesting fact about online marketing is how diverse it can be. You can a create a video containing a brief summary of the services your company offers and upload it to a site like YouTube. You can set up ads on Google, news sites, or social media pages. Start a business blog to gather a group of followers – the possibilities are limitless.

6.) Forge Partnerships

Seek out accomplished brands in your industry or team up with a firm in a related field. Even though you should work towards beating your competition, you can benefit greatly from forging some alliances. Symbiosis is possible, and arrangements that are advantageous to all parties are achievable.

Do not accept every single offer you come across though. Be selective in picking the firm that is ideal to team up with.

7.) Host an Event

Magnify your voice by hosting an event that is all about your company. You can organize an event specifically designed to display the things your company has to offer or you can go the more subtle route.

Take part in the organization of an innocuous event such as a social gathering. Casually insert your company’s slogans and merchandise all around the venue so that people spontaneously get introduced to your brand.

8.) Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a cost-effective marketing method for those whose budgets are limited. The core concept of guerilla marketing is the implementation of creativity in place of conventional marketing strategies.

An abstract piece of modern art placed in the middle of a town square can pique the interest of pedestrians. McDonald’s got a sizable increase in sales after they painted a zebra crossing with yellow lines that mimicked French fries.

9.) Content Marketing

Content marketing benefits both clients and business in a way that is both easy and free. The fundamental principle of content marketing is that the company offers a free online service to clients such as providing them with information or advice. In return, clients frequently decide to buy a company’s product because they feel satisfied with the free service they have received.

This is similar to real-life giveaways, but different because companies do not have to invest any money.

10.) Find a Target Audience

Do not only think about what you are selling, also think about whom you are selling it to. Every product has a niche group of people who want to purchase it; you need to determine who they are.
Let’s say that you are trying to sell a mobile video game; the target audience is likely going to be millennials, so pump money into digital marketing and trendy commercials. If the target audience is women, incorporate feminist messages in the marketing process. Make your product relatable and appealing to whom you’re selling it to.


Breaking into the market can be a daunting challenge for any aspiring entrepreneur. Hopefully, your company will grow and flourish via a stellar marketing strategy inspired by this article.

Written by: Bclique Staff Writer

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