To succeed in the current society, there is a need to interact with like-minded individuals who view the world in a positive light and inspire you to embrace a better version of yourself. With the technological advancements and the world's fascination with the social media, it is time somebody put these interaction to better uses than sharing meaningless memes and sexting. Luckily for those seeking to empower others and contribute positively to the society, Bclique is the first social media platform that provides you with the opportunity to connect and empower each other. The new social network launched in the UK recently is aimed at giving people an opportunity to interact friends who share their visions and views and create a unique network that will contribute to their growth. Bclique is a friend filtering social network that ensurers that user interacts with only the users who influence them positively and sheds the dead weight of unproductive friends who have nothing to offer in their pursuit for success.

Bclique, therefore, stands for business clique hence this is business oriented social network .This uniquely designed social network provides an interactive platform allowing users to create a business clique on Bclique and work together to realize their visions and dreams. Bclique is designed to match users with common interests, desires and motivations in life and give them an opportunity to discuss and influence their futures positively. Rather than waste time sharing meaningless information as it is norm with other social media platforms, Bclique aims to improve the society by giving the users the chance to work together and identify business opportunities and pull together the necessary resources needed to exploit them and improve their livelihoods.

A business clique will bring together business minded friends who share development visions and are aware of the challenges that people face in an attempt to control their life. These desired characteristics will help in the elimination of the friends with little or no potential and allow the users surround themselves with friends who share their desire to attain financial independence. Bclique will provide the user with the opportunity to grow by creating a friendly support structure for the members. The support structure will have the right kind of friends whose contribution will create an empowering environment necessary for the success and progress of every member.

Your business clique will be tasked with helping you perfect your business idea by providing advice and support. The contribution of the group members will help create a successful ventures by encouraging creativity and sharing of innovative ideas For growth strategies and entrepreneurship skills development, the social media platform will create the ideal exchange platform. The users will also have access to business mentor and investors who will work with them, providing guidance and support to help navigate the business world.

For the members with prospective business ideas but no access to capital to fund these ideas, Bclique comes with well-engineered crowdfunding platform that will pull funds to help them realize these ideas. Tonnes of entrepreneurs have already signed up to Bclique. Despite being in it's introductory phase, the users are baffled by the numerous opportunities Bclique has to offer. The Co-founders of Bclique and the positively motivated entrepreneurs expect Bclique to be a big competitor to other social networks like LinkedIn ,Instagram and twitter because it taps into a new niche that no competitor has attempted to explore before.

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