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 Burger Street 

We are delighted to announce a new phrase in the Bill Waugh story - the next step in his vision for Burger Street! This newest location boasts a fresh updated....

Target Amt raised
£480 000 £420 000

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Americana Trading App

The world’s most intuitive access to reward on the financial markets Americana Trading app provides a secure, easy and responsive trading experience...

Target Amt raised
£1 200 000 £895 000

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Tasmanian Dirtbike Sherpas

Is your passion trailbike riding? If the answers yes then you know what it feels like after a great day on the trails a few hills, wicked single trails, some snotty....

Target Amt raised
£98 000 £49 000

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Sofer Restaurant

The Sofer brand of coffee stands for great coffee that has a positive social impact. Our coffee business creates direct connections with buyers and consumers.....

Target Amt raised
£120 000 £80 000

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Bclique main objective is to assist individuals and businesses in allocating the right complimentary business partners they seek. Such partnerships can be effective and help catalyse new, fresh ideas and stimulate business growth in addition to global economic growth as a whole. Our vision is to expand the reach of existing businesses into new dimensions through modern business formation and business network opportunities, reaping the benefits of new strategic partnerships and alliances. With that being said, new opportunities can be sought and realized within the reach of your own fingertips.

Bclique partner match program is tailored specifically for your demands as a business. It matches your needs and compliments your set of skills, personality and business vision, assisting you in finding your perfect match. The effects of a business partnership can be of tremendous advantage. Not only does your business expand globally, but it helps you perceive, think and work in a new paradigm and insures that your business is going concern on the right track.

Our exclusive network of business and alliance partners can help you fund a new business idea or aid in growing your existing business into an international venture.

Whether you are starting a new business or seeking capital for an existing one, you have come the right way. our portfolio of business partners and associates at B-clique offers an extensive database of seasoned industry professionals to connect with. Taking into consideration the quality of our members and partners and the variety of business ventures, we aim to connect businesses with their right counterparts, spurring new ideas and  thinking outside the box” mentalities.

Our exclusive membership connects you with seamless professionals from around the globe. It entitles you to business partner matches and direct connections with an endless circuit of business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and highly skilled individuals across all industries.

The doors leading to new business opportunities are wide open. With our expanded portfolio and state of the art technology, you can get access to extraordinary partnership opportunities, new streams of sales leads, business ventures and an endless wealth of intricate business data and information technologies.

Bclique is a global internet based service that connects entrepreneurs, business owners, early stage companies and established corporations with a wide array of business and individuals in the global financial services community. These include; partners, angel venture capitalists, venture capital firms, venture capital sources, investment funds, investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, corporate investors, potential business partners, strategic alliances, businesses for sale, business consultants and industry target databases for potential partnerships, alliance prospects as well as mergers and acquisitions.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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