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Thank you for joining Bclique. Without entrepreneurs there would be no Bclique, that’s why we will not fail any serious entrepreneur. The Bclique team can help you raise required funds in many different ways which will be explained a bit more on this page.


1) Striking a quick deal with an investor (best and fastest option): When you enter communication with an investor who likes your business idea on Bclique, you can set up a meeting or a video call with said investor. Upon finalization of your deal, you and your investor must sign required documentation before they transfer the funds you settled on into your account.

2) Bclique funding rounds: When the Bclique team (also known as the winning team) is highly satisfied with your business idea, a decision is made to start a funding round for you. For example, let’s say you need 50k. The Bclique team can easily find 50 Bclique users that are willing to invest a thousand pounds for a small slice of your business. Take note that Bclique members are expected to interact with each other, so when your funding round starts, most people will already know about your project. Also, make sure to have a profile picture set on your profile as well.

3) Featured projects: These are set internally by the Bclique team. If you want your project to be featured, all you have to do is send an email to the Bclique team and request this feature. Please note that this feature is only available to entrepreneurs who have at least 20 reviews on their profile. It’s very easy to get reviews: just share your profile with your friends using the share buttons found on your profile page and politely ask your friends to leave a positive review on your profile. For example, they can say: “Great idea! BTW, Darren is a good and honest man, highly reccomended business partner!”

4)Crowd Funding: Most entrepreneurs on Bclique easily get funding through our crowdfunding platform. Just Click here  to add your crowdfunding campaign now. Once you have added your crowd funding campaign, the Bclique team aims to approve your campaign within 24 hours time. Bclique Team shall also help you with more tips to ensure your crowdfunding campaign succeeds .


When the Bclique team is very pleased with your profile, they will quickly secure an investor for your idea. They will also advise high quality investors to view your profile, which will give you a chance to secure an investment much more quickly.


We highly reccomend you not to start your Bclique journey by contacting investors, especially just after signing up. Most investors are very busy people who don’t appreciate receiving messages from someone who is not ready for an investment yet. When you’re ready to take an investment, the Bclique team will call the right investors on your behalf. We also highly reccomend you to connect with business mentors and other entrepreneurs on Bclique and get their opinion on your business, as well as things you have to improve.


  1. Reviews  Imagine you’re looking at a product and you see that about 20 people left a review saying things like: “Perfect product, love it!”. You will most probably buy it without any hesitation, knowing that it will certainly deliver good results. Well, on Bclique, we have profile reviews. Share your profile with your friends and family and tell them to leave positive reviews on your profile page. It’s free, quick and easy for them to do this for you. How do you expect to sell your products to millions of strangers if you can’t even sell yourself or your idea to your partner, friends or family?

    Start by sharing your profile with friends and family ,use these buttons to share your profile ,You will easily find them when you scroll down This is the biggest secret to succeeding on all social networks

Convince your friends or partner to give 5 stars

5 golden stars show that you are trustworthy persons


Number of reviews is shown here ,please aim to get at least 20 ,its free to get them

Ask your friends to give you those five stars ,Its Free so why wait

2) Complete your profile: Investors love details, they always want to know more information about you. When you complete your profile, people know exactly what you want and what amount of capital you’re giving away.

Use this button to edit your profile

Don’t put all the information in basic information,click and also fill these other fields

3) Business Plan  Add a business plan to your profile: If you don’t have one get a business mentor on Bclique to help you with its creation. Most business mentors on Bclique are very good at creating a winning business plan. You can add a business plan by clicking on “Gallery”, then on “Create gallery”.

Business plan goes in this section ,click create gallery to begin with

Under type choose documents,Title put Business plan ,Description write a very short sentence,Like my business plan then click Create ,You will be taken to a section which enables you to upload plan

4) Keep investors on your profile: The media button enables you to add lots of photos on your profile. Even though your idea sometimes won’t be that good, showing pictures of a good family man enjoying his life alongside his kids can positively influence an investor’s decision to invest. Some might even spend more time looking at your pictures than reading your business plan.

Under media ,add those nice photos and also a short video presentation

5) Network of investors: All Bclique members can easily invest in your business or other businesses on Bclique. When the Bclique team is doing your funding round, they normally start off by offering investment opportunities to other entrepreneurs followed by business mentors and after that the big time investors to finish off the amount that’s left. It’s very important for you to communicate with other entrepreneurs on Bclique and make them your friends.

6) Communication: You need to communicate with us every step of the way. Tell us what has the investor told you, tell us when you have secured a deal and the required funds come into your account. This is necessary because even though you hit your goal, the Bclique team might still be trying to connect you with investors when in fact, you already found yours.

7) Secured funds: After securing your investment, we don’t expect you to say goodbye to Bclique. This is the stage where you actually start working, and the business mentors along with the Bclique team will work with you to make sure your project becomes a success. Otherwise, you might end up losing all funds you raised from investors. Also, we expect you to change your profile to that of an investor. Yes, the Bclique team does in fact accept investments of £100 when doing funding rounds.

8) Video presentations: Tell someone to record you while you present your idea or product in front of him/her in the comfort of your home. Add this video to your gallery in the video section.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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