Are you an entrepreneur? It's like riding a lion. People appreciate you and want to be you, but you keep guessing how did you reach there. Disclaimers won't warn you but being an entrepreneur is injurious to health. Running a business is no cake walk.

No matter what you do, stress is inevitable. The modern competitive world spares nobody of the stress. But the job that brings a larger part of stress is running a business. Entrepreneurs work days and nights. Most of them work about 40 hours a week and some godsends even reach up to 70. No vacations, no proper rest, and no good sleep lead to a hell lot of stress. So have you got the remedies to your stress yet? If not, we are here to care.

Here are the best ways an entrepreneur can combat his stress.

1. Have a mentor

There's one peculiar way about stress. The more you share your dilemmas, the less stress you have. This mid-crisis talk is what an entrepreneur needs to overcome the overloaded stress. Now doing it with an expert would be the icing on the cake. That's why it helps to have a mentor who can inspire you and guide you through your difficulties.Click here to join bclique and connect with some great business mentors

2. Plan your moves

A player with a strategy never plays under pressure. He knows he's all set to take on the challenge. The same way, planning is a crucial part of entrepreneurship. So the next time a problem strikes, leave everything, sit down, and plan your moves. It;s all about planning well and executing even better. Once you have a plan, you won't have any stress.

3. Keep less delegate more

You can try all you want, but you can't be a superman. It's better that you start recognizing the limit you have as a human. You cannot do it all on your own. So trust your employees more. They are unaware of the other aspects of business and hence at less stress. Give them a chance to perform. That way you can be a part of their growth process and cut down your loads as well.

4. Show gratitude to what you've got

Ever wondered why the most successful people are so cool? It's because they appreciate what they've got. It's a way of keeping an optimistic attitude. Worrying about what you got to achieve, will land you nowhere. So always show gratitude for the breakthroughs you met and stick to the right track to achieve more. This resolute attitude will lead you further on the way to success.

5. Seek progress, not perfection

You need to understand this. Progress is the ultimate perfection. Not even the people you admire are perfect and have perfect things. They've failed a lot before coming up with something useful. So stop wasting your time in making a thing its best version. It's more important that you stay ahead and stay working on new stuff. Being stuck in a single place can be a big frustration.

6. Practice self-care

You can evade a major part of your stress by taking care of yourself. As an entrepreneur, you're the biggest asset you have. You need to pamper this asset more than anything else. You need to be healthy to achieve your goals. Start caring from today itself. Have a proper sleep, don't work till exhaustion, and avoid a lot of caffeine and alcohol.

7. Focus on the bigger picture

When you're all stressed out and exhausted, what drives you to keep working still? It's that bigger picture. Always keep in mind why you started it all in the first place. That's where an immense chunk of motivation comes from. This motivation kills every stress that comes from working hard. When you know why you started off, you don't give your two bucks to the failures that would mean nothing once you achieve the next milestone.


So these are some great ways entrepreneurs can kill their stress. It takes just a bit of planning and some self-discipline. Liked the article? Don't forget to share the wisdom then.

Authors Name: Bclique Staff Writer

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