This is the era of social media where no business can survive without digital marketing. Among other social media channels, Instagram  has become more famous. Instagram has got nearly 600 million users worldwide, and that’s convincing enough for any business to use it as a marketing platform. Having mentioned that, Instagram may still be a new platform for your business. So, read these 5 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business and start growing your brand today.

1. Use Free Instagram Tools

Just like Facebook business profiles, Instagram has rolled out business profiles with huge Call-to-Action button. Interested users can contact the business via email, SMS or phone.
Once you create your business profile on Instagram, you’ll have access to analytics. You can observe how many impressions and engagement your brand has received in a certain period. To learn better about these options, try converting your personal profile into business profile. In this way, you can learn how your audience interacts with your posts. It’ll help you make adjustments to your future posts and get more engagements.

2. Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Social Networks

Next in our list of Instagram marketing tips is, in order to attract more Instagram followers, share your Instagram posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels, too. Here are some reasons to do that:
• People following you on other channels may not have discovered you on Instagram. So, cross-promoting Instagram posts on those social channels will attract your followers from there and they’ll start following your Instagram profile.
• Some businesses assume that their posts would reach each and every follower on the network, but that may not be true. People often get bored of using one platform and switch to another. So, sharing the same posts on other platforms will help them stay connected to your brand.

3. Avoid Posting too Frequently

It’s always a good idea to post content that’s relevant to your brand. That means, you shouldn't post each and everything, just for the sake of staying online. Frequent and irrelevant content tends to irritate users and they’ll run away (unfollow your account).
You may have observed brands that post rather frequently compared to you, and they’re quite successful. But that’s not the way to go. Your brand may be different from them, and you should be aware of the difference.
Although there is no standard formula of how often you should post, start with two posts at alternating times, on daily basis. Observe which posts (and time of the post) get highest engagement. Increase and decrease the frequency of posts at different times of the day and compare the results of every post. Soon, you’ll hit the sweet spot and adjust accordingly.

4. Interaction with Your Followers is Important

Take Instagram marketing tips from a number of social media experts, and each of them would advise you to interact with your followers as much as possible. When people see you replying to their comments, they’ll find more opportunities to connect with your brand.
Go a step further and find ways to have your followers interact with your posts. You can do that with a single liner which say, “Tag your friends who would love to have this product”, or simply, “Don’t forget to tag your friends!” You’ll see that your followers will increase in a few days.
Tagged users show less resistance, because they’re being introduced to the brand by their friends. So, they tend become followers quite easily.

5. Interactive Hash tag

If you need instant engagement, then create an appealing and interactive hash tag. You can think about the hash tag your customers would love to use as they share pictures of them using your brand. What if you planned to re-post such pictures on your page? You’ll find them easily using the same hash tag. Moreover, other followers will use the same hash tag in order to see their posts featured on your page. The end-result is, whenever they use your hash tag, they’ll advertise your brand and products for free.

Written by: Bclique Staff Writer

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